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re: Officer Application


Hey Guys,

Hope im applying correctly by posting like this, if not then my bad!

Anyways i feel that i would be a good officer for the guild for a number of reasons, ill begin this the generic ones such as ive had years of experience playing WoW, GW2 and much much more. I'm 20 years old at university in Oxford so i have plenty of spare time on my hands to game, as you guys know ive got a working mic im vocal and enjoy a good laugh. im currently levelings very quickly and very active and today also have managed to recruit a number of members including much needed healers. The down side is that in a months time i am starting a new job (only two months long) which has various hours so it will be difficult for me to commit for that time frame, however i will be on as often as possible to join in events etc during that time.

Since joining the guild its clear that there is a fun environment with players that also want to accomplish tasks and progress through the game. Id like to hope that i could help lead the guild with the current GM and officers as i feel that already we get on and can imagine working well together. The only downside i would say is that i dont know as much about the game as you guys. i wasnt going to be playing ESO until around two weeks ago and havnt done enough result to have the knowledge i should have as an officer. however im hoping that with you guys help i could over come this and have the information at hand to answer any guild questions.

Final point to make is that i have recently started streaming and making videos on twitch and youtube and as an officer would find it a pleasure to share our guilds successes with the rest of the gaming community.


Hope you guys will consider me,


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