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re: Officer Position


Name : Erik (IGN: Poro/@Smul)

Level : 13-ish

Gender : Male (Ingame Female)

Race : Human (Ingame Bosmer)

Class : Final year (Ingame Templar)

Role: Hetero (Ingame Healer)

Craft :Supplier

How old are you? : 18

How did you come to learn about Reborn? : Cbennington's spamming in Auridon :)

Why do you want to join Reborn? I enjoy games  way much when playing in a group. I feel like Reborn is perfect for that goal. I hope to contribute to the fun as much as possible.

What do you believe you can bring to Reborn? : With some proper recruitement, I hope a few more active members! Also more events, and I'd like to try out TeamSpeak events.

What is your ingame experience (PvE/PvP/Other)? : PvE preferably, but when in a group I'm up for anything.

What games have you played before ESO? : MMO-Wise mainly Guild Wars 2. Other games I currently play are beside the MMO-genre like Diablo 3 and League of Legends.

How many Guilds are you a Member with and what are the names of these Guilds? : Just Reborn for now. I might join a Trading guild later.

Are you comfortable around adult content/are you easily offended? : No problems at all.

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to speak on the TS3 Server during group events?  Yes, whenever I'm on ESO I'm on TS3 (as you may have noticed).

Are you happy with the requirement to join up with Reborn our Main/Father Guild, ingame?: Yes, I like the 18+ requirement.

What are your normal Play hours in a week? : During the exams right now ~20-30 hours, after that 24/7 ;)

Have you played/grouped with anyone in the Guild and who was it? :  Well since I've been on all the events for now, almost everybody.

Please enter below all days and times you are available to participate in Guild activities, raids/instances etc.
All days ->  I can be on most of the times, unless I've planned something which I will make clear long before I'll be gone. This might occur once or twice a week.

Finally tell us A joke, any joke: What did the fish say when he swam into a wall?


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