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re: Officer application


Name : Santions

Level : 15

Gender : Male

Race : High elf

Class : Sorcerer

Role: DPS

Craft :Wood and cloth working

How old are you? : 23

How did you come to learn about The 312th Legion? : Zone chat

Why do you want to join The 312th Legion To enjoy clearing as much content while having fun and helping people with anything they need 

What do you believe you can bring to The 312th Legion? : Experience of organizing, leading and managing events, while expanding the guilds roster

What is your ingame experience (PvE/PvP/Other)? : Mainly pve, but do enjoy

What games have you played before ESO? : 6 years of wow, 4 of which I was an officer and 2 as a raid leader, I spent a year in guild wars 2 as a guild leader and commander. Played many other mmos such as SWTOR, Neverwinter and many others

How many Guilds are you a Member with and what are the names of these Guilds? : Only a member of Reborn

Are you comfortable around adult content/are you easily offended? : Very comfortable :)

Do you have a microphone and are you willing to speak on the TS3 Server during group events? : Yes and yes

Are you happy with the requirement to join up with Reborn our Main/Father Guild, ingame?: Sure

What are your normal Play hours in a week? :48+

Have you played/grouped with anyone in the Guild and who was it? : Already part of the guild

Please enter below all days and times you are available to participate in Guild activities, raids/instances etc.
Application Availability Info: Very flexible on timing 
Monday -> 
Tuesday -> 
Wednesday -> 
Thursday -> 
Friday ->
Saturday -> 
Sunday ->

Finally tell us A joke, any joke: Whats in common between a pregnant lady, burnt pizza and forzen beer? a dumbass forgot to take it out in time :)

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